Modular Layouts

So far we have several modular railroads scheduled to set up during the 2021 National Narrow Gauge Convention. Right now all of them are slated to be either in or near the vendor room, making it easier to look at running trains and shop all in one stop.  They vary from a couple of modules to a huge layout, so be prepared to be amazed at the hard work that has gone into these traveling layouts. A brief description of each follows. Any other groups that might want to participate are welcome to contact our Modular Railroad Chairman Rob Bell at

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First Coast Model Railroad Society (On30)

This modular railroad participated in the Hickory National Narrow Gauge Convention in 2011 but it has been greatly expanded in the years since. It is a Florida themed On30 railroad, made up of 40 modules that can be set up in many different ways. Overall footprint is 25 feet by 63 feet and track length is 360 feet. Scenery is extensive.

Owens Valley Live Steamers (1:20.3)

This modular railroad is based on the owners’ interest in the Owens Valley segment of the Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge.  The layout measures 54 feet long and 25 feet wide. Total track length is 130 feet.  Locomotives are live steam operated on butane. Scenery is limited to trackage on tables. Locomotives and trains running will be of narrow gauge prototype.

Corps of Canadian Railway Troops- Europe 1918 (O on 16.5 mm track)

At the height of World War 1 the Corps of Canadian Railway Troops contained 19,000 personnel – 16,000 working in France and Belgium, with the remainder in England.
Canadian railway soldiers constructed light railways in areas occupied by the five British Armies in Europe, and 60 % of the standard gauge lines connecting the channel ports to the front lines. In total, Canadians built 1169 miles of broad gauge railway line and even more miles of narrow gauge line during their wartime service.

This modular railroad represents 2 Foot narrow gauge operations of British equipment and Canadian Railway workers sent to France in WWI. The main focus is moving Artillery shells and troops forward and taking casualties and scrap metal to the rear. Scale is 7 mm to the foot, or 1/43 scale running on 16.5 mm track. For photos and more information on this layout visit Footprint measures 14 feet  by 4 feet.

Watauga Creek & Southern Railroad (HOn3)

The Watauga Creek & Southern Railroad is a fictitious and lightly based branch line foothill-to-mountain railroad. It is set in the late 1950’s, when new meets old and the United States is entering the rocket age! The WC&S is also dual gauge, and still operates a narrow gauge railroad into the mountains to harvest wood and other natural resources, while running excursion trains in the summer. The railroad is also leased to the Southern Railway, and tuxedo diesels can be seen shoving standard gauge equipment from time to time. 

This modular railroad is based on the flush ended, one hole/one pin template system  used by the Sippin’ & Switching of North Carolina organization. The footprint measures 17’6” x 7’6”. Modules have full scenery.

Mid Atlantic Narrow Gauge Guild- New York Division (On3)

The Mid-Atlantic Narrow Gauge Guild (New York Division) is an On3 modular group modeling the East Broad Top RR. 

The New York Division models Robertsdale PA in the early 50’s. Robertsdale is located toward the southern end of the EBT has 2 coal mines and 2 tipples. All structures were built from plans or field measurements. Track and turnouts are code 100 hand laid and powered by tortoise switch motors.

Rolling stock is either scratch built or from kits. Locomotives are brass and powered by dead rail battery/radio control/digital sound.

The Robertsdale section measures 42’x 30”. The convention setup allows continuous running by using curved ends and a parallel 42’section in the rear.

Great Lakes HOn30

The Great Lakes HOn30 Module Group exhibits Maine 2-foot narrow gauge in HO Scale.  The general emphasis is on the Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington, circa 1925, but there are variations on this.  The maximum size of the layout has been about 8′ (plus an additional 4′ on each side for the visitors) to a maximum of 44′ at the 2016 NNGC in Augusta, ME.

Nebraska HOn3 Free-mo

Nebraska Hon3 Free-mo is the modeling of narrow gauge in HOn3 using the Free-mo format.This layout showcases narrow gauge operations in a point to point setup, featuring two protolanced destinations and a few rolling hills in between.