Home Layouts

We received a lot of feedback in 2011 about our home layouts, and the only negative was that the distances were long in some respects. A decade later, we have sought out some wonderful layouts much closer to Hickory, along with some excellent layouts that are a little further away, but well worth the drive to see.


For those who have never attended a National Narrow Gauge Convention, the clinics and trade show run in the mornings and late evenings. From noon until 5 pm layout owners open their homes to Convention Attendees. You choose what layouts you want to go see, and you go in your own vehicle at your own pace. We ask that visitors practice good etiquette, eating and making bathroom stops before arrival.


As we get in descriptions for the Timetable we will be posting them here along with photos and video of the layouts. There are always requests for addresses so people can visit on their way to the Convention, and when the time comes, those who are willing to participate will be open will be listed here.


If you have a home layout in the North Carolina area that is mostly complete and have not been contacted by us, by all means contact our home layout chairman, John Short at the link below. We have room for a few more layouts on the tour.



For home layout questions, contact John Short at 41nngc.homelayouts@gmail.com