Extra Fare Activities

Extra Fare Items Update:

There is a great deal of interest in our extra fare train rides and bus trips. The first train run at Tweetsie Railroad on September 2nd is over half reserved (remember this is free to all paid attendees, but you must indicate that you want to participate. There is a small fee for non paid participants.) The Bus Trip through Tweetsie Country on August 31st is attracting a lot of interest, and the first bus is almost sold out. We will start another bus but cannot guarantee it will run until we get a certain number of ticket sales. The Biltmore House trip on Thursday Sept 2nd is coming along, but we need more interest to confirm the first bus load. Some of you have reserved seats for your spouse on the TRR event, but also bought Biltmore bus trip seats. These events are on the same day so your spouse cannot do both. Please contact us if you have done that to let us know which event they want to do.

Most National Narrow Gauge Conventions list the tourist
railroads in the area, and you visit them on your own time before or after the
convention. The Convention Committee has arranged some special events at some
of the popular tourist railroads in the region. One is even included in your
convention registration cost!