***ATTENTION*** Covid Update as of July 1st:

The State of North Carolina has dropped ALL restrictions regarding Covid and public events. As of this time the convention center has no restrictions on public gatherings. The hotel has none as well. This means that everyone is free to congregate without a mask.

We have received emails from both sides of this issue, from great concern about what precautions we are taking, to criticism of our previous Covid plan. We as a convention committee will not REQUIRE that a mask be worn by anyone during the convention, unless the State changes their policy before the Convention.

We will say this however. Most of the attendees of a National Narrow Gauge Convention are older and fall into the higher risk categories. Hopefully most of you have gotten a vaccination, or taken other precautions. Undoubtedly some of us have had Covid and recovered from it. If someone wants to wear a mask, they are perfectly welcome to do so. We are free to do as we please, but let us always respect the feelings of others as well. We are a narrow gauge family, let us treat each other with respect.  It has been a long two years since we were last together. Let’s make everyone feel welcome and comfortable.

Johnny Graybeal

41NNGC Chairman


Welcome to the home of the 41st National Narrow Gauge Convention. We have a lot planned for convention week, more than even the typical narrow gauge convention. We all lament the cancelled convention in St Louis in 2020, but we look forward to Hickory and the other future conventions. If you have never attended a National Narrow Gauge Convention before, you are in for a treat. Check out all of our web pages and the only question you will have left afterward will be… Where do I sign up!

A National Narrow Gauge Convention is primarily for model railroaders, but all modelers have a love for the real thing. The Hickory convention brings the best of modeling and the best of rail fanning together into four + days of celebrating steel wheels on steel rails. A narrow gauge convention draws the best model railroaders from around the world to one place to share their knowledge with others in clinics, compete in model and photography contests, purchase high quality kits and equipment directly from some of the best cottage manufacturers in the industry, see the work of others in home layout tours and in modular railroads set up at the convention, and establish friendships that will last for decades.

Above and beyond the regular events of the convention, the Convention Committee has arranged with the tourist railroads in the region for special activities open to convention attendees. See the Steam Railroad Activities page for more information on these special events. The National Narrow Gauge Convention is a four day event, but many people come to the area for a full week in order to be able to take in all the things to see and do. This is not your typical train show. It is a destination event that has become the prime vacation week for model railroaders for four decades now. We welcome all fans of trains both large and small. Don’t let the term Narrow Gauge hold you back. Narrow gauge modelers are some of the most detail oriented in the hobby, so no matter what era you model or rail fan, narrow gaugers can teach you something.  A National Narrow Gauge Convention is not put on by an organization like the NMRA. It is run by a group of individuals, just like you, who have a love for trains. We guarantee after you attend a National Narrow Gauge Convention, you will go home with stories and experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life.


Check out our pages, and then sign up to attend. Y’all Come!

Johnny Graybeal
41st NNGC Chairman